More than 63% of Americans are interested in Bitcoin

A survey conducted by cryptocurrency exchange Gemini shows an increasing number of Americans are engaging with cryptocurrency investing.

U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, Gemini, shared the result of a survey that stated that two-thirds of adults in the USA are planning to buy crypto or are keen on learning more about the market.

According to a survey conducted by cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, more than half of US citizens polled are interested in cryptocurrencies, willing to learn how they work and invest in them.

Gemini conducted a survey among 3000 Americans. 63% of respondents expressed interest in digital currencies. Gemini CEO Noah Perlman called it a “diversification” of the cryptocurrency investor base, which will contribute to the long-term development of the market.

About 14% of survey participants already own digital assets and 13% plan to acquire them in the next twelve months. Gemini experts, therefore, suggest that the number of cryptocurrency holders could double within a year.

Meanwhile, 23% of respondents said they had no interest in cryptocurrencies. That said, 77% of respondents said they would like to explore the topic of cryptocurrencies further, whether they own them or not. Based on this data, Perlman stressed the importance of education in the cryptocurrency industry.

Trading platforms that put user safety first make cryptocurrencies more accessible and attractive to people, Perlman said. He added that digital assets should become a key component of an investment portfolio. Therefore, gaining more knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies will remove barriers to entry into this market.

Note that millennials are particularly interested in Bitcoin, seeing cryptocurrencies as a better investment than traditional assets. In addition, according to a recent study by Visa, about a quarter of credit card users in Latin America have expressed a desire to pay with cryptocurrencies.

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