This year for cryptocurrency investors has become a symbol of the growing popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFT). The concept, which has been known to the cryptocurrency community for several years, has only relatively recently become widespread. This has led to a rapid growth of NFT-related projects. …

No equipment = no problems: Three Ways to Invest in Cloud Mining

The operating costs of mining BTC, ETH, and other popular coins have always been high.

However, along with high costs, cryptocurrency mining investors provide themselves with huge income in relative terms. Today we will discuss mining trends in 2021 and their prospects.

The prompt return of bitcoin to the level…

A senator from Uruguay has introduced a bill to allow the use of cryptocurrencies as payments in contracts and would regulate their use within the South American country.

A powerful young Uruguayan entrepreneur and senator has launched a bill that would ensure that businesses in the country can legally accept crypto as payments.

Following El Salvador, Uruguay also introduced a bill allowing cryptocurrencies to be accepted as payment methods in the country. The bill was submitted by senator…

Cryptocurrency options are a rapidly gaining in popularity trading tool. Today we will explain how options work and what trading strategies you can apply with it in practice.

This guide will help you understand cryptocurrency options — how they work, trading strategies, and everything else.

Bitcoin options have been rapidly gaining popularity among investors and traders in recent years. However, unlike the cryptocurrency itself, the concept of options has been known to mankind for centuries. In fact, trading these contracts even in crypto is not very different from the same options in traditional finance. …

Spanish banking giant BBVA is making its cryptocurrency trading and custody service available to private banking clients in Switzerland.

Spain’s BBVA said on Friday it was launching a Bitcoin trading service for private banking clients in Switzerland.

One of Spain’s largest banks, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), with assets worth…

Bitcoin trading has become a very popular activity even in high financial circles — the rapid growth of the crypto industry is attracting more and more traders and investors. Much of their interest has increased after the previous bull cycle of the crypto market, when Bitcoin futures were introduced on…

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